Window tinting using only the highest quality films…

Sharp Auto Shields is proud to offer window tinting as an individual service or an add-on service to our customers. We offer three lines to help meet our customers’ needs and budget. Our installers use the latest technology of plotter software to ensure that your vehicle has beautifully computer-cut straight lines with micro edges on your windows. If you have a unique window that needs tinting (construction equipment, motorcycle windshields, etc.), we are also able to hand cut design a pattern to fit your needs.

Our starter line of window tint is Suntek’s Standard Pro Series. This economically dyed charcoal line provides privacy and gives your vehicle a darkened appearance while providing some heat rejection for a cooler ride.

Our ASWF Carbon Tint adds an improved heat rejection and a lifetime warranty from fading, bubbling, peeling, and other film defects. This beautiful film allows for a sleek look, a cooler ride, and peace of mind.

Our flagship line of window tint is Suntek’s Ceramic Film. This high heat rejecting film comes with a lifetime warranty and some impressive heat rejection and UV protection. You can’t go wrong with Suntek CIR for your vehicle.

Sharp Auto Shields complies with all Texas Window Tint Laws found here.


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