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Window Tinting has been around since around World War II. The concept of tinting has always stayed the same, however, as technology has advanced lifespan and look of tinting has changed. Tinting film originally started out with a dyed film that did not reject heat very well and tended to turn purple after 1-2 years. The sun also caused this type of tint to bubble and not stay seated against the windows.

In the early nineties, a second type of window tinting film came out. This was a hybrid film of dyed film constructed with metal. An unintended consequence of this film was that the metal interfered with the emerging use of cell phones.

Because of this interference, carbon film was brought out to replace the metallic film, and soon became the leader in heat rejection. It is still used today as a cheaper option.

Finally, Ceramic Film was created to provide the best heat rejection, UV rejection, and the longest lasting film.

Because of this history, we have decided to only use the two latest technologies available – Carbon and Ceramic. We only want the best for our customers, so we don’t provide a product that will not last.
We comply with Texas Window Tint Laws found here.

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