A family passionate about cars.

Taylor Sharp - Sharp Auto ShieldsTaylor Sharp

Part Owner, Lead Installer, Paint Protection Expert

Taylor is our lead installer and knows everything there is to know about paint protection film. He is one of the co-owners of the business and is always willing to make a deal that best benefits you as a customer. He is passionate about paint protection and determined to provide it better than the competition.
Ginger Sharp - Sharp Auto Shields
Ginger Sharp
Office Manager Part owner

Ginger is our office manager. Without her manning the helm, we would be a ship without a captain. If you have questions about us, she is the one to ask. She is incredibly organized and personable. She’s for sure the office mom.


Our business is comprised of family and close friends that have always had a keen eye for vehicles. We have a general sales manager and mechanic in the family, and we’ve rebuilt and restored antique cars. After purchasing a new car of our own and hearing about paint protection film, we soon realized it was the best way to ensure it retained the life and vivacity that initially led us to fall in love with it.

Once we observed the process start to finish, we were incredibly impressed by the results. We took it upon ourselves to help bring attention to this largely unheard of service for vehicles by bringing our touch to the field. After an extended apprenticeship and gaining a great amount of experience, we felt we could do it better. We can and will provide a greater customer experience and a better quality product than the competition. We’ve seen it done the wrong way and we refuse to let your vehicle leave our shop until it looks Sharp. We know your vehicle is your baby whether it is brand new or brand new to you. You spend time and lots of money making it look beautiful and we will make sure it stays beautiful. That way that your car made you feel when you first drove it off the lot will be the same way you feel every day after leaving our shop. We want you to be able to drive your car the way you want to without worrying about any hazards the road sends back into your paint.


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