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Paint Protection film is the best decision to protect your investment. Paint protection film commonly referred to as clearbra is a urethane film with an adhesive backing that when applied will provide a virtually invisible barrier between your vehicles’ finish and the hazards of every day driving. Paint Pretection film can protect from rock chips, scratches, and swirl marks that can deteriorate the condition of your paint causing expensive repairs, devaluing the resale value of the vehicle. 

We use only high quality products and are constantly testing new films to find the only the best products for our customers.

Our flagship Paint Protection Film is STEK-USA’s DYNOshield. It is an incredibly durable urethane that has a self-healing, chemical and stain resistant nano glass top-coat. This nano technology is manufactured into the makeup of the film which provides the best hydrophobic properties possible.The self-healing effect is activated by heat and prevents scratches from building up on the surface of the film. A hair dryer, hot water, or even the heat of the Texas sun activates the film and heals the scratches, allowing your vehicle to stay looking brand new.

We can also change the look of your vehicle without sacrificing the protection aspect with STEK’s DYNOcarbon, DYNOblack, or DYNOprism. All three add a different look to your vehicle and protect it at the same time!

Nano Ceramic Coating can also be applied over the top of the Clear Bra installation, to further protect your vehicle and add to the hydrophobic nature of your vehicle.

If you are not sure that Paint Protection Film is for you, then Feynlab Ceramic Coatings can provide you with a durable coating to the surface of your paint and reduce your chances of scratches, scuffs, and chips. This coating and paint protection film can work together or it can be a more cost effective, but not quite as durable option for coverage.

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The Install

We can install our invisible protection film anywhere your vehicle has paint. We can install using digitally desinged kits that provide the best coverage for your specific vehicle tailor made to your make and model or we can provide Bulk installations for the closest edges and cleanest lines. With either method, we wrap every available edge. Once installed, you will still be able to wash and wax it, and should in fact find that both processes have become much easier. Without our film, your vehicle will be exposed to the hazards of the road and just a few miles can be detrimental to the finish of your paint.

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