History of Clear Bra or Paint Protection Film

The automotive clear bra is a urethane film with self-healing polymers in the top coat. This film is able to protect from hazards of the road like rock chips or scratches. This film has a great history behind it, but it is commonly used now to protect the finish of a vehicle without compromising the look of it.

Today, clear bras are used to protect the second biggest investment a person can make, their car. While this is the common use now, the technology was originally manufactured for the military by 3M during the Vietnam War. Helicopter blades were catching debris on take-off, landing, and even during routine missions, which was becoming increasingly expensive. The military was able to save money and time by installing the film over the top of the blades. The film was a life-saver and was much more easily replaced than an entire blade.

Operation Desert Storm was the next use for the film, as the conditions in the desert were even harsher on the blades. After the war, it would be a shame for such a renovating product to go to waste, so the manufacturer began developing it for race-cars to protect their finish.

In the 1990’s companies began offering the clear bra directly to the consumer. This film has continued to grow in use, especially by luxury car owners who are looking to preserve the way their vehicles look fresh off the lot without any noticeable cosmetic differences. Early versions of the film yellowed and cracked over time, but today the film has been perfected by multiple companies to remain invisible forever.

Clear Bras are not only invisible, they make washing and waxing a much easier task for any car owner. Much of the dirt and grime can be removed without the hassle of detailing. Anything that is not able to be removed with soap and water is easily removed by rubbing alcohol. UV-rays are unable to penetrate the film’s top layer, which allows the vehicle to not endure paint fading, peeling, or wearing. If ever there is a moment where the consumer needs to remove or replace pieces of a damaged clear bra, a great sign that it has done its job, it is able to be done without damaging the finish underneath.

The science is not new, as it has been around for many years. It is our belief that the science is not perfected yet, as technology is always advancing. For this reason, we are proud to constantly keep up with new films being released and always trying new techniques. Clear Bras or Paint Protection Film will be around for ages to come, and Sharp Auto Shields will enjoy growing with it.

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Beautiful Challenger Striping and Full Paint Protection Coverage

Beautiful Challenger Striping and Full Paint Protection Coverage

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Corvette for President of Lone Star Corvette Club

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